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Fleet Rehab is a business services company that focuses on building and vehicle maintenance. For the last few years we have focused on maintenance that is critical to business operations.

We started with equipment trailer service. We love servicing trailers to ensure they are safe for road use and ready for action.

But like many small businesses we must be agile to be a viable business.

Shortly after starting our trailer maintenance program the company became involved in business IT and data cabling. Over time our specialty became low voltage cabling and data cabling.

We service business network systems, phone systems, security cameras and access control.

Since the business has primarily been focused on this work we have created a new brand focused on our cabling and IT customers Ohio Low Voltage.

You can visit our new website at

We will continue to offer service for equipment trailers and vehicles, but our main focus will continue to be low voltage cabling and IT.

Thanks to all of our customers. We are so grateful for our business relationships. We hope to work with you for years to come. Our only goal is to provide excellent service and performance of all systems to keep your business maintained and growing.

We offer services directly, as a subcontractor or in partnership with other technicians. Please inquire to discuss your projected. We will match or beat any competitor pricing on a job.

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