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Our business has become solely focused on data cabling, networking and IT. Because of that we have created a new brand that hits that target.

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We are focused this year on keeping clients connected with powerful and efficient networking solutions. Our territory will be increasing to cover Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. Let us know if you need a quote on some data cabling, cameras or IT services today!

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Fleet Rehab is a business services company that focuses on building and vehicle maintenance. For the last few years we have focused on maintenance that is critical to business operations.

We started with equipment trailer service. We love servicing trailers to ensure they are safe for road use and ready for action.

But like many small businesses we must be agile to be a viable business.

Shortly after starting our trailer maintenance program the company became involved in business IT and data cabling. Over time our specialty became low voltage cabling and data cabling.

We service business network systems, phone systems, security cameras and access control.

Since the business has primarily been focused on this work we have created a new brand focused on our cabling and IT customers Ohio Low Voltage.

You can visit our new website at

We will continue to offer service for equipment trailers and vehicles, but our main focus will continue to be low voltage cabling and IT.

Thanks to all of our customers. We are so grateful for our business relationships. We hope to work with you for years to come. Our only goal is to provide excellent service and performance of all systems to keep your business maintained and growing.

We offer services directly, as a subcontractor or in partnership with other technicians. Please inquire to discuss your projected. We will match or beat any competitor pricing on a job.

Church Streaming and Security Project

A local church needed the ability to stream their services due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their network was moving slow in the sanctuary even though they had a wireless extender there. Wireless signal was weak at best and one tenth of what it should be.

They called Fleet Rehab.  We came with Cat6 cable in hand to solve their laggy network woes.

First we ran Cat6 across the building to the wireless extender in the sanctuary.  This boosted network speed from 40 mbps download to the correct 300 mbps and uploads rose from 5 mbps to 40 mbps.

Next we ran a new Cat6 line from the DMARC in the basement of the church up to the main office hub.  Finally we fixed a connection for a second guest network router.

Once the network was running up to snuff the reverend at the church asked if we could install some surveillance cameras at entrances.

This time we ran BNC cables throughout the building to connect security cameras to an  streaming capable IVR.

We mounted cameras at entrances and key locations around the building for an added layer of security.

Now the church network is faster and their security is stronger making them more ready to continue their work despite the pandemic.

Revitalizing Office Spaces


A high tech indoor farming startup needed their office network refreshed as part of a full renovation project.

They called Fleet Rehab to tackle the project quickly to meet their deadline.

We demoed out the old Cat5E cabling in the office and replaced it with higher performance Cat6 cable.

Our technicians ran drops to all requested areas of the office. This included wall drops and floor boxes.

This project had to be done while construction was taking place. We spent a great deal of time making sure we executed the project correctly. We worked in sync with the other construction crews.  We pride ourselves on being able to work side by side with other trades to make sure everyone can get what they need accomplished.

Once all the cabling was run, terminated and tested we thought things were done. But wait there was more!

The company higher ups were having an important meeting with the city mayor, company CEO, media and many other important people at the end of the week. They needed flat screen TVs for presentations and media display and they only had two days to get them mounted and connected.  They said they needed Fleet Rehab to get it done.  We said, “We got this!”

We are proud to say we completed installation just in time for the meeting and the office looks spectacular.

If you need a project complete, big or small and you need reliable data com contractor to knock it out…you need Fleet Rehab!  Contact us today to schedule a site survey.

Cabling Tray Installation

Cabling Tray 3

A Cincinnati based electronics manufacturer needed to upgrade their network to support business growth.

They have a large amount of data cabling for offices and equipment throughout the plant. More runs are needed but they needed safe paths to run and support cables.

Fleet Rehab installed cabling trays to provide this path and support and distribute wired network access to key areas.

Cabling Tray 2

We installed more than 1000 feet of network cabling tray.  Both 12″ and 2″ tray was implemented in this solution.

Because the electronics plant was full of delicate equipment and products our team was extremely careful working in the location. Man lifts had to be used with care.

We arranged the network paths for easy access and maximum coverage to each location.

A ladder rack was also installed in the server room to carry cables out to the building.Ladder Rack

Overall this installation was completed successfully.

We truly appreciate our customers gave us the opportunity to tackle this project.



Tireless Networking Solutions

A large automotive tire and repair chain was in need of network cable installations, network device installations and workstation updates.

The installation was part of their nationwide reimage program.  They have a set schedule for when each store must be complete.  Each store is unique, but had to be set up to the company standards.

Fleet Rehab handled the complete installation of network cabling, work stations and network devices for a store in Springfield, Ohio and performed the final installation of devices and work stations for  a second store in the area.

During the project we ran all new Cat6 cabling throughout the store for wire less access points, cameras, work stations, printers, phones and spare drops.

We set up temporary work stations so the client could stay in business while the construction was going on. We also installed the POS devices in their final destination once the construction and remodel was complete.

This project required working in the evening and night while the business was closed. Each night the business had to be up and running by the morning to continue daily activities.

Fleet rehab cable technicians worked through the night to tackle the project piece by piece in accordance with company timeline.  We coordinated with fellow contractors onsite performing the remodel to optimize efforts and tackle the project in the correct order of operations.

All work was documented with regular reporting to the client and coordination with client bridge remote technicians.

Corporate networking reimages are one of our specialties at Fleet Rehab and we have experience working with remote engineers and IT professionals to complete projects in accordance with company specifications.


Pinnacle Network Support

Our customer was in a tough spot.

They had a client who was updating an office location in Indiana for a new healthcare business client.

The structured cabling was run, but the previous technicians could not finish the job and time was ticking.

The customer called us.  Fleet Rehab got on the job quick to get the job finished for the customer.

We installed a new network rack in the office networking closet complete with new Cisco switch, patch panel and firewall.   We also added two wireless access points to the office.

We dropped 50 cables into their perspective boxes, terminated all connections and tested to confirm performance.  Then we connected all devices and got the business online and ready for the next step in building updates.

When the customer was in a pinch Fleet Rehab was there to complete the project quickly and professionally.

We offer quick network cabling and device service to Cincinnati, Columbus, Indiana and Kentucky.  Our business oriented solutions can facilitate your projects success in a timely manner with professional results.

No job is too big or too small for us to handle.  If your company, institution or business needs network cabling installation, repair or device installation Fleet Rehab can work with you to get connected!

Case Study: A Tale of Two Companies

 Fleet Repair Repairs Trailers In Cincinnati, Dayton, Kentucky, Indiana

Fleet Rehab specializes in trailer repair for construction companies.

Recently a large Cincinnati construction company hired the Fleet Rehab team to evaluate and repair equipment trailers for their utilities business and construction business.

We worked on-site in the company shop to repair the majority of their fleet of trailers.  The Fleet Rehab crew repaired more than 60 equipment trailers in a month’s time for the two businesses.

Our on-site service was flexible and we worked when many crews were back from jobs or on leave.  We also worked in the evenings  and on weekends to ensure we completed the job in a timely manner.

During the work period we were able to target repair jobs in a priority based manner to ensure crews of construction workers had their equipment when they needed it.

Fleet Rehab can repair a variety of trailers.  Our client’s construction jobs require heavy equipment such steam rollers, drills, jack hammers, mini excavators and skid steers.  They had many types of trailers including compressor trailers, large drag trailers, Belshe heavy equipment trailers, heavy flat open equipment trailers from Felling and Trail King, tilt trailers, tar kettles, pipe trailers, hydro-seeder trailers, light trailers, arrow boards, block trailers, landscape trailers and more.

Fleet Rehab performs its service with precise evaluations to determine maintenance issues.  Then we repair any problems and tackle preventative maintenance.  This makes our service a complete refresher for your equipment trailers.

We used our comprehensive evaluation process on each trailer in the fleet.  Thus we systematically spotted and repaired issues on each trailer.  These issues ranged from fixing damaged wood floor, to replacing worn brake components, to repairing electrical issues.

We inspect all towing gear to ensure that the trailer is safe.  These trailers were mostly pintle hitch trailers.  We checked pintle hoops, breakaway boxes, safety chains and hooks to make sure the trailers can be operated safely.

Trailer tires are one of the most important parts of a safe trailer.  Each evaluation includes a tire check up.  We identified all tires that could be a safety hazard in the near future.  We also found many worn tires that we had replaced while performing maintenance on trailers.

Overall the job was very successful thanks to a great customer and the team from Fleet Rehab.