Case Study: A Tale of Two Companies

 Fleet Repair Repairs Trailers In Cincinnati, Dayton, Kentucky, Indiana

Fleet Rehab specializes in trailer repair for construction companies.

Recently a large Cincinnati construction company hired the Fleet Rehab team to evaluate and repair equipment trailers for their utilities business and construction business.

We worked on-site in the company shop to repair the majority of their fleet of trailers.  The Fleet Rehab crew repaired more than 60 equipment trailers in a month’s time for the two businesses.

Our on-site service was flexible and we worked when many crews were back from jobs or on leave.  We also worked in the evenings  and on weekends to ensure we completed the job in a timely manner.

During the work period we were able to target repair jobs in a priority based manner to ensure crews of construction workers had their equipment when they needed it.

Fleet Rehab can repair a variety of trailers.  Our client’s construction jobs require heavy equipment such steam rollers, drills, jack hammers, mini excavators and skid steers.  They had many types of trailers including compressor trailers, large drag trailers, Belshe heavy equipment trailers, heavy flat open equipment trailers from Felling and Trail King, tilt trailers, tar kettles, pipe trailers, hydro-seeder trailers, light trailers, arrow boards, block trailers, landscape trailers and more.

Fleet Rehab performs its service with precise evaluations to determine maintenance issues.  Then we repair any problems and tackle preventative maintenance.  This makes our service a complete refresher for your equipment trailers.

We used our comprehensive evaluation process on each trailer in the fleet.  Thus we systematically spotted and repaired issues on each trailer.  These issues ranged from fixing damaged wood floor, to replacing worn brake components, to repairing electrical issues.

We inspect all towing gear to ensure that the trailer is safe.  These trailers were mostly pintle hitch trailers.  We checked pintle hoops, breakaway boxes, safety chains and hooks to make sure the trailers can be operated safely.

Trailer tires are one of the most important parts of a safe trailer.  Each evaluation includes a tire check up.  We identified all tires that could be a safety hazard in the near future.  We also found many worn tires that we had replaced while performing maintenance on trailers.

Overall the job was very successful thanks to a great customer and the team from Fleet Rehab.


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