Pinnacle Network Support

Our customer was in a tough spot.

They had a client who was updating an office location in Indiana for a new healthcare business client.

The structured cabling was run, but the previous technicians could not finish the job and time was ticking.

The customer called us.  Fleet Rehab got on the job quick to get the job finished for the customer.

We installed a new network rack in the office networking closet complete with new Cisco switch, patch panel and firewall.   We also added two wireless access points to the office.

We dropped 50 cables into their perspective boxes, terminated all connections and tested to confirm performance.  Then we connected all devices and got the business online and ready for the next step in building updates.

When the customer was in a pinch Fleet Rehab was there to complete the project quickly and professionally.

We offer quick network cabling and device service to Cincinnati, Columbus, Indiana and Kentucky.  Our business oriented solutions can facilitate your projects success in a timely manner with professional results.

No job is too big or too small for us to handle.  If your company, institution or business needs network cabling installation, repair or device installation Fleet Rehab can work with you to get connected!

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