Tireless Networking Solutions

A large automotive tire and repair chain was in need of network cable installations, network device installations and workstation updates.

The installation was part of their nationwide reimage program.  They have a set schedule for when each store must be complete.  Each store is unique, but had to be set up to the company standards.

Fleet Rehab handled the complete installation of network cabling, work stations and network devices for a store in Springfield, Ohio and performed the final installation of devices and work stations for  a second store in the area.

During the project we ran all new Cat6 cabling throughout the store for wire less access points, cameras, work stations, printers, phones and spare drops.

We set up temporary work stations so the client could stay in business while the construction was going on. We also installed the POS devices in their final destination once the construction and remodel was complete.

This project required working in the evening and night while the business was closed. Each night the business had to be up and running by the morning to continue daily activities.

Fleet rehab cable technicians worked through the night to tackle the project piece by piece in accordance with company timeline.  We coordinated with fellow contractors onsite performing the remodel to optimize efforts and tackle the project in the correct order of operations.

All work was documented with regular reporting to the client and coordination with client bridge remote technicians.

Corporate networking reimages are one of our specialties at Fleet Rehab and we have experience working with remote engineers and IT professionals to complete projects in accordance with company specifications.


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